Print Designs

While other photobooths create template print designs for their clients, we give you full customization over the entire layout. Instead of only giving you a few photo position options, a limited number of background choices, and a simple logo stamp, we create an entire concept from scratch. Our prints can develop either 4×6, portrait or landscape, or via 2×6 strips and we create these designs starting from a blank canvas. We can use any type of background, interweave any personal preferences, use square, rectangle, circular, or any geometric or organic shape for the photo placeholders, and add any type of logo, design, or even theme in case you are open to what our designers have in mind. We’re the best of the best in creating contemporary print designs and the sky is the limit. As long as you have the vision, maybe a few files or samples, we can do our best to create it however you’d like. Here are a few things to help get the thought process started.
Print Designs Options:

1. Decide whether you want 2 2×6 print strips, 1 landscape 4×6 print, or 1 portrait 4×6 print.

2. Decide how you’d like the photos to be laid out on the print. Here are some examples, but you can always create your own or leave it up to us:

3. Have some colors and/or textures in mind that will compliment the photos your guests take.

4. Do you have any specific fonts or a logo you’d like to use?

5. Would you like to incorporate any photos into your design or would you like the print to be graphics only.

6. What words would you like on the design? ie, Jack + JillĀ  01.02.03 or January 2, 2013 etc

7. Email us all the files and ideas you have and we’ll put together a proof for your approval.

Sample Print Designs:

Print Design Samples

Standard Backdrop Options:

If you are going with the standard cloth backdrop options, here are velvet, sequin and weave drops that we use.

Sample Backdrops 20150901

Add On($300): Vinyl Backdrop Designs

1. Use your own monograms or logos or give us the colors, names, initials, or ideas you have and we’ll create a design for you.

2. Email us all the files and ideas you have and we’ll put together a proof of your monograms or logos for your approval. Up to four logos.

3. Once approved we’ll show you one more proof of the vinyl backdrop that you’ll use for your studio booth.

Here’s what they may look like: