• See the difference

    Over the past few years, the demand for photo booths has increased tenfold—they are a must have at every birthday, wedding, and event. A party is not a party without a photo booth. However, the need for a more professional and higher quality photo booth is on the rise.

    Brothers, Jorel and Justin, have teamed up together to bring a new, innovative photo booth to the market. Jorel, a logistics manager by trade, has a keen eye for detail and design, while Justin, a wedding photographer, recognizes trends and feels the pulse of the industry. Their new photo booth offers a minimalist design that still captures high quality photos with studio lighting. It provides a sleek, clean look to your events that can be taken virtually anywhere.

    Whether pictures are being taken in groups of 2 or 20, our booth can capture it all. Our photo booth has a social media feature that allows you to share your photos on the web instantly and utilize the industries most advanced services. The brothers take it a step further and can offer a "step and repeat" vinyl backdrop and red carpet with velvet rope. This gives any event a more sophisticated feel. Element Photo Booth Co. promises to bring it’s best to the table while providing affordable, top of the line photo booths to all.